Patient-Centered Transgender Health: A Toolkit for Nurse Practitioner Faculty and Clinicians

The Patient-Centered Transgender Health Toolkit offers evidence-based information and resources on caring for transgender people for faculty, students, and clinical NPs. Resources, such as websites, videos, and systematic reviews, are vetted by nurse practitioner faculty who also practice in the field of transgender care. Faculty and clinicians can use the toolkit to develop evidence-based learning … Continued

For Providers

Commercial tobacco remains the number one preventable cause of death in the United States. However, as with many other health conditions, the devastating effects of commercial tobacco are concentrated along lines of lines of race, gender, poverty, sexuality, mental and chemical health status, HIV status, and houselessness. Quit Partner and Providers The new Minnesota quitline … Continued

Vaping and E-Cigs

There is a lot of conflicting information about vape devices, pods, and e-cigarettes. Because they are still relatively new, the long term effects of using them remain unknown. Here is what we do know at the moment: 1. The “vapor” from devices such as pods (i.e. JUUL or suorin) disposable pods, or other e-cigarettes is … Continued


Because nicotine is addictive, it’s tough to quit. Getting through withdrawal symptoms can be a drag. Read on for some useful motivation, information and links including Benefits of Quitting, Cravings and Triggers, Staying Quit, and Supporting Someone Who is Quitting. Benefits of Quitting There are many benefits of quitting tobacco – fewer colds, more energy … Continued

Tools for Quitting

When you’re ready to quit or cut back on nicotine, there are a variety of tools to help. Read below for more information on the MN Quitline, Medications, Text Apps + Online Support, and HIV+ and LGBTQ Specific Resources. MN Quitline Quit Partner offers free resources for all Minnesotans looking to quit any form of … Continued

Quitting Tobacco

Considering quitting or cutting back on commercial tobacco? In the midst of a quit or coming back* to try again? Wherever you’re at in your journey, check out these resources for facts, support, motivation, and more. * On average, it takes 4-7 attempts to fully quit tobacco.

Patient Toolkit

This toolkit was created as a quick reference guide that is easy to read and use, specifically to empower LBGTQ Minnesotans who are seeking competent health and human services. There are also useful definitions, terms and a master resource list! Feel free to skip from section to section, and remember to reach out for help. … Continued

Self-Advocacy in Medical Care

When medical appointments fail to meet expectations, there can be a sense of frustration. While this can feel overwhelming, there are multiple ways to take back control and ensure your medical needs and concerns are being addressed. The first step is to take a deep breath and relax. Understand that you will reach a solution, … Continued


Minnesota is a unique state for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer rights, as the local government has taken multiple positive steps to protect and outline the rights of LGBTQ individuals. One of the landmark actions Minnesota has taken is the expansion of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Learn more via OutFront Minnesota. In 1993, … Continued

Visiting a Care Provider

To begin planning a visit to a health provider, it is first essential to understand if your chosen provider is covered by your health insurance, and what cost, if any, is associated with the intended visit or procedure. When planning a visit, it is also important to factor in travel time and expense. For more … Continued